Lorraine Cooney, Registered Dietitian, BSc, MSc, MINDI
Dietary advice you can trust.

About me

Cooney resizedReal Life Nutrition is the long term ambition of dietitian Lorraine Maher. Who is she and what does she do?!

  • I’m / I’d / I’ll…A foodie / be in a tizzy if I lost my diary / take a chance
  • I want to try….and increase awareness of the importance of dietitians in the treatment of IBS and other health conditions
  • I dance to… previously Busta Rhymes and currently nursery rhymes!
  • I eat…almost everything, including chocolate (that’s right, CHOCOLATE!)
  • I drink…tea.. and more tea!
  • I prefer…the great outdoors
  • I would bring…an entourage
  • What I’m reading at the moment ….Gut by Giulia Enders (you should get this)

Lorraine is also passionate about food for health, understanding of your nutrition needs and curious about the ever evolving nutrition science. She fully believes in the power of nutrition to help you lead a better life. Hipprocates summed it up nicely a long time ago (431 B.C in fact!), but it really is still relevant today!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!”

She holds a BSc in Human Nutrition and a Masters in Dietetics (with distinction) – meaning she lives and breaths the science of nutrition. She is always learning and has completed advanced training in FODMAPs, weight management, sports nutrition, mindful eating and behaviour change.

Lorraine is confident that she will understand your dietary and medical dilemma, for example uncontrolled and socially isolating IBS or a long life battle with managing your weight, and will offer only evidence based and sustainable dietary advice to help you improve your health. She has a proven track record in achieving very significant symptom improvements in people with IBS (over 80% effective) as well as excellent weight loss and weight loss maintenance with her weight management clients.

MotivationLorraine recognises the uniqueness of each individual and therefore helps agree unique dietary plans for each client. From her science heavy background and professional experience she can decipher the difference between trustworthy and not so trustworthy information. We have nutrition information, in spades, at our fingertips these days – but taking the right information and putting it into practice is not always so easy!

Ultimately, following a consultation you get a personalised plan with strategies that work for you, to help you break poor eating habits or learn new ones to help manage your condition. Lorraine want’s you to learn how to eat best for you, just you!

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